Steeped in history and unique traditions, travelling to China can feel like no other place.

Whether you’ve only got two weeks and want to hit the ‘must see’ sites like the Terracotta Warriors that still stand guard for China’s first emperor, or experience the extraordinary feat of the Great Wall. Perhaps you have longer and want to travel slowly around the country and live like a local or maybe you’re even thinking of going there to teach English. Whatever you want, a trip to China will leave you mesmerised and full of memories.

On this blog you will find inspiration to create your own itineraries and tips on what to expect in this truly diverse country.

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Squatting toilets in China

Dealing with Culture Shock in China

Culture shock can send people running for the next plane home, but before you start racing backwards there are always ways to deal with it. A part of travelling is being brought out of your comfort zone, and dealing with culture shock is one of the challenges most people face when they visit a country…

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