City Breaks

Short on time? A city-break holiday could be what you need….

List of the most romantic cities in Europe

17 Most Romantic Cities in Europe

Whilst I’m not really one to fawn over grand romantic gestures, I have taken up the challenge to get into a romantic mindset for the purpose of this blog post. By putting myself in the shoes of a hopeless romantic, I have highlighted a selection of places to visit in Europe for that lovin’ feelin’!…

Things to do in Madrid - boat tide in Retiro Park

Top 20 Things to Do in Madrid

The other day, my recently retired dad booked a European trip to Madrid, Porto and Lisbon. He’s going with my mum and wants to know what there is to do in each place. Whilst reeling off a wide selection of things to do in Lisbon and Porto, with a little help from this blog to…

Street art in Salamanca, Spain

Street Art in Salamanca

Guest Post: Rob Howe is originally from the UK and has been living in Spain for the last 18 months. He is a Hispanophile and writes about his travels at The Zanzibar Chest. Salamanca was perhaps my favourite Spanish city, long before I´d ever been there. Just the name, Salamanca, those flat rat-a-tat vowels conjuring…

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