Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and perhaps the most fascinating.

Few countries summon up as many mental images as Cuba – Castro, cars, cigars – the list goes on and not all of them begin with ‘c’, either!

On this blog I showcase popular as well as lesser known attractions for you to explore. Whether you’ve only got 3 nights  in Havana or want to see as much as you can in two weeks, you’re sure to find some useful travel tips and inspiration.

Cuba Travel Blog  ↓

Cienfuegos city centre, Cuba

One night in cute and colourful Cienfuegos, Cuba

Good advice usually comes from first-hand experience. So when my friend, Emma, suggested I stop off at Cienfuegos for a night before heading to Trinidad because she enjoyed her time there, I quickly factored it into my itinerary. Located on the foot of a bay, Cienfuegos has a delightful mix of seaside appeal and the…

In Cuba during Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma: Down and Out in Cuba

  Friday 8th September Usually sayings aren’t to be taken literally but as I walked around Trinidad this afternoon under the scorching heat, it was like the calm before the storm. It seemed like a normal sunny day but a foreboding sense of dread cast a shadow across the town and the faces of people…

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