Whether exploring classical architecture or famous art museums in Rome or Florence, meandering through the cobbled streets of Venice, venturing through lesser-known villages and trying local cuisine, a trip to Italy is always going to be filled with fascinating culture, picturesque countryside and some of Europe’s most romantic cities.

On this blog you will find inspiration and plenty of information and tips needed to prepare for your own trip to Italy.

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Colouful buildings, Copenhagen

14 Most Colourful Towns and Cities in Europe

Reykjavik Climb to the top of Hallgrímskirkja Church for epically photogenic views of Iceland’s capital city, and when you reach the top I advise you to get snapping. I wouldn’t consider myself a good photographer in any way but my photos of Reykjavik landed in the Germany edition of Rolling Stone Magazine. Now, that’s not a…

Graduating from University

2013: A year of travels, graduation, moving and starting full-time work

In 2013 I finally felt liked I released my foot off the break and pressed down the accelerator. In this last year my life has veered onto a course where I graduated from uni, moved to London and started full-time work, least not forgetting my travels! You might be wondering how I managed to fit…

London Bridge, The Thames, Sunset, night. romantic


I’m not a romantic. But Europe has made me feel romantic. The right environment can send you to the lofty heights of enrapture. There are places that move you from exhilaration to exhilaration, sweeping up everything in your wake, blasting through the town without barely stopping for a breath. I don’t think there’s a greater…

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