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Graduating from University

2013: A year of travels, graduation, moving and starting full-time work

In 2013 I finally felt liked I released my foot off the break and pressed down the accelerator. In this last year my life has veered onto a course where I graduated from uni, moved to London and started full-time work, least not forgetting my travels! You might be wondering how I managed to fit…

Poznan, Old Market Square

Picturesque Postcards from Poznan

I haven’t called this ‘Picturesque Postcards from Poznan’ just because I love a bit of alliteration, but because every corner of Poznan looks like the perfect postcard. Outside of Krakow and Warsaw, other cities in Poland aren’t very well-known worldwide, but Poznan is a city that deserves a much wider audience. It’s got museums, green…

Sleeping in the Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan, Footprints

Top 10 Travel Moments of 2012

When you look back over 2012 what stands out for you? Many of us start taking a trip down memory lane as the year draws to a close, and a part of this is looking back and picking out the best bits, or the bits we would have done differently. Thankfully, 2012 was unusually short…

Warsaw, Christmas Market, Poland, Old Town, UNESCO

When I Think Of Warsaw, I Think Of Christmas.

Names really are important, aren’t they? That’s why Warsaw’s an unfortunate little chap. Collectively, ‘War’ and ‘Saw’ makes him sound more like the title of a horror movie, rather than the surprisingly handsome boy he is. Warsaw hasn’t had it easy, I think everyone knows that. To take the meaning out of his name (once…

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