Quirky Places

Sure, the big attractions can be pretty amazing, but there’s a whole world of smaller gems out there which don’t get the exposure they deserve. That’s why I take pleasure in writing about these places and I hope you visit some of them too….

Kabukicho, Tokyo

Kabukicho : The Strange World of East Shinjuku

Within east Shinjuku lies Kabukicho (named after a large Kabuki theatre which was meant to have been built in the area in the 1940’s but was never completed), Japan’s most well-known red-light district, renowned worldwide for its plethora of restaurants, bars and sex-related establishments. This is the Tokyo I’d always pictured in my mind; streets…

Doggy style in Japan!

Doggy style! Japan’s Most Pampered Pooches!

  Japanese people are the most stylish people in the world. Period. It’s a country ubiquitous with great fashion and quality made clothing, this eye for great taste is the reason why Japanese people look so unattainably amazing, but it’s not the only reason. I’m certain they’ve got something in their DNA that the rest…

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