Spain has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a short-break holiday or a fly-drive exploration which meanders down its beautiful coastline.

You can cycle or walk through the enchanting streets of Valencia or take part in a gastronomic tour, tasting the rich food that’s famed from one region to the next. Admire the work of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona or jet-off to Madrid for a girl’s weekend trip in the country’s exciting capital. There’s certainly enough diversity to keep you going until it’s time to go home.

On this blog you will find inspiration and plenty of information and tips needed to prepare for your own trip to Spain.

Happy travels!

Adiós x

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Street art in Valencia, Spain. A small guide.

Exploring Street Art in Valencia

What jumps out about Valencia is the abundance of street art. If this happens to be something you’re interested in, you will find strolling around the city is like embarking on a treasure trail. The renaissance of street art in Valencia can be largely accredited to artists Escif and Hyuro, both living and using the…

Things to do in Valencia

12 Fabulous Things to Do in Valencia

Well Valencia managed to exceed all my expectations! It was more beautiful than I imagined, had more places to eat than my stomach was prepared for, felt more inspiring than I anticipated, and with the exception of Berlin, held more street art than was possible to see in one trip. There’s something for everyone in…

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