Photo in Kiev - Blog on University, interning and travelling.

University, Interning and (Not So Much) Travel.

On University When I started uni last September I predicted my travels would take a nose dive and the time I had for blogging would take an even bigger nose dive. Both predictions have turned out to be true. But has a life less travelled been any less interesting? You’d think so, but no. That’s…

Being open to meeting new people whilst travelling

Stranger Things…

My sister recently said to me, ‘you need to just let go of people Ruch’. I took those words and thought about them for a while, I turned them around in my head over and over again, and considered how sad it was to just ‘let go’ of people with whom some of my best…

Summer in Greenwich, London

Does a Rolling Stone Really Gather No Moss?

Last summer I was living happily in Greenwich, it’s the best place to be during the summer because the flowers are in bloom, the birds sing a pretty song and the squirrels come out to play. The entire area becomes alive with flora and fauna and abuzz with people. Though it is part of London,…

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