Being open to meeting new people whilst travelling

Stranger Things…

My sister recently said to me, ‘you need to just let go of people Ruch’. I took those words and thought about them for a while, I turned them around in my head over and over again, and considered how sad it was to just ‘let go’ of people with whom some of my best…

Wesley Pechler's guide to hiking Mount Bromo

Hiking Mount Bromo – A Travel Guide

When thinking about a vacation in Indonesia, Bali is often what first comes to mind. Consistently voted amongst the best island destinations in the world, the isle is a top contender for idyllic honeymoons and relaxing holidays in a year-round tropical climate. And while it is indeed a beautiful island, when travelling all that way…

Biking in Bagan - using the electrical bike

A Bumpy Ride: E-biking in Bagan!

The handle bar jolts from left to right and from right to left, she skims an oncoming vehicle, and then another. She swerves in the opposite direction in a desperate plea to gain recovery but almost hits the curb. I run after her, excelling forward like my friend’s life depends on it, which is true….

Laksa - food in Melaka

Why is the Food in Melaka so delicious?

If you love food, you’ll love Malaysia. It’s as simple as that. Malaysia is a journey for the taste buds as much as the eyes. But when talking about food in Malaysia there’s one place that deserves an extra special mention, and that’s Melaka. There’s nowhere quite like this city for tasting the true diversity…

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