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Colouful buildings, Copenhagen

14 Most Colourful Towns and Cities in Europe

Reykjavik Climb to the top of Hallgrímskirkja Church for epically photogenic views of Iceland’s capital city, and when you reach the top I advise you to get snapping. I wouldn’t consider myself a good photographer in any way but my photos of Reykjavik landed in the Germany edition of Rolling Stone Magazine. Now, that’s not a…

Fountains Abbey, North Yorkshire, England

Discover Quintessential England at Fountains Abbey, North Yorkshire

If rolling green hills, castles and quaint cobble streets is the ‘England’ you’re after then you must go to North Yorkshire. In the past, quite a few people I’ve met on my travels envisage England being filled with country life and love the idea of spending an idyllic afternoon drinking High Tea and taking a…

London Bridge, The Thames, Sunset, night. romantic


I’m not a romantic. But Europe has made me feel romantic. The right environment can send you to the lofty heights of enrapture. There are places that move you from exhilaration to exhilaration, sweeping up everything in your wake, blasting through the town without barely stopping for a breath. I don’t think there’s a greater…

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