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If The Culture Map doesn’t have what you’re looking for, then I’m sure some of these sites will!


Travel Blogs

A Taste of Travel – Food, photography, personality – Jenny’s blog has all the ingredients to make the perfect travel blog. If I could only read one travel blog for the rest of my life, it would be this one.

Alex in Wanderland – Alex is a full-time traveller who knows how to enjoy the world. She’s also a serious scuba diver so many of her explorations venture out into the great unknown seas!

Cheryl Howard – Cheryl really knows how to find the quirky places in a city. Her blog is about European travel, expat life and aimed for women!

Etramping – Agness and Cez travel around the world on under $25 a day! Their blog is therefore jam-packed with money saving tips!

Sateless Suitcase – I LOVE this girl’s blog because she shares her passion for art and history with her readers. She is originally from Germany, but has mastered the art of English to perfection.

Sophie’s World – Sophie has a knack at finding the obscure and hidden gems of a place, and has an eye for finding the true culture of the places she heads to.

That Emily Chappell – One woman’s inspirational story as she cycles around the world.

The World is a Book – If you have a family and want your kids to enjoy travelling as much as you do, then head over to Mary’s blog!

Wanderful World  – Lizzie’s blog is interesting because she constantly questions the social norm and the places she travels through. She creates thoughtful conversation – exactly how I like travel writers to be.


Food Blogs

Foodgawker – A round up of the best food recipes. Changes daily so you’ll always find something new and scrumdiddlyumptious.

The Skint Foodie – This guy knows all about how to make delicious meals at very affordable prices. He’s won several food blog awards and rightly so, I recommend starting with his bio page to get a good understanding of what his blog is about and why its so important to many people.

Poetry & Literature Sites

A Piece of Monologue – This blog will keep you up-to-date with the literary world, and If you have a penchant for the writings of Samuel Beckett then you’re in luck because the author of the site has some serious respect for this man!

The Paris Review – The Paris Review is renowned for its interviews with some of the world’s most famous writers. Make sure to read the interview with Jorge Borges.


Simply Must-Read Sites

Brain Pickings – A collection of just about everything interesting that lurks around on the world wide web

Mind Hacks – As the name says – this site is all about finding out what’s going on in your noggin!

Open Culture – A site with a little bit of everything for everyone!

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