Dead Sea Mud, amman, jordan, floating in the dead  sea

The Dead Sea has a rich history –  from Biblical writings, to how the Egyptians used the mud in their mummification process –  but  little has changed since the days of Cleopatra, who lusted after its healing properties and built the world’s first ever spa along its shores. It is difficult not to get caught up in its claim for beautification when you’re there, and floating, and covered completely in mud.

Sixty-seven kilometres long, eighteen kilometres at its widest point and boarding Jordan and Israel, the Dead Sea is vast and can be easily reached within both countries. Over eight times saltier than the Ocean, the salinity of the Dead Sea is too high for any fish or plants to live in and makes the water dense enough to make you to float like an inflatable rubber dingy. So if swimming isn’t your forte you won’t be taking any chances with your life by dipping in.

Despite its name, the Dead Sea is not actually a sea but a saltwater lake and it isn’t completely dead, as some living organisms such as types of bacteria have evolved to survive these usually inhospitable conditions. In fact the whole area around the Dead Sea makes you feel like you’ve entered an unearthly like existence – strange rock formations, depletion of plants and miles upon miles of wide, barren land; it’s how you imagine life on Mars to be (minus the people).

If the thought of being at the lowest point on earth doesn’t get your sense of wanderlust into a frenzy, then appreciation for its mineral studded properties will. All my life I’ve suffered from bouts of dry skin and eczema but as soon as I walked into the Dead Sea those areas were targeted by the skin healing properties of the Dead Sea, including calcium, potassium and saline. Beware though, it’s a little like washing a mouth ulcer out with saltwater – to feel good it’s got to hurt at first!

Salt crystals in the Dead Sea, floating in dead sea

Salt crystals surround the edges of the Dead Sea

Salt stones , crystals in Dead Sea, jordan

Another up-close photo of the salt crystals attached to the sand of the beach area!

Floating in the Dead Sea

If you wanted to commit suicide, you’ve come to the wrong place – drowning is impossible!

the dead sea, jordan, amman

Covering myself in mud was just a ploy to cover up my ghostly pale body!

collecting salt water from the Dead Sea, Jordan, mud, floating in the dead sea

Elsa collectied salt water from the Dead Sea to bring back home – what a good piece of memorabilia from such a unique place!

Floating and reading in the Dead Sea, Jordan.

Forget about reading on the beach, it’s all about reading whilst floating in the Dead Sea!

Floating in Dead Sea, Jordan. Covered in mud and natural sea salt from the Dead Sea

All over mud pack from the Dead Sea left our skin feeling very soft indeed!


    • admin says

      If you like reading in the bath, then you’ll love floating in the Dead Sea Mary!

      Thanks re: new look of blog – changing my domain name was a headache but hopefully my site is now in good working order haha! X

    • admin says

      Thank you Debbie! If it was good enough to make Cleopatra raving for more, then it’s certainly good enough for us! 😉

    • admin says

      Hi Samuel! You wouldn’t need to try as floating is second nature in the Dead Sea! Yes, I’m glad Jordan is receiving more attention via travel bloggers as it really is such a unique and incredible place! You need to get your bum bum there! 😀

    • admin says

      You’ll have such a fun time, and I noticed the Dead Sea is on your ‘dream list’ so you’ll soon have that destination locked away in your memory! For me though, the creme de la creme was Petra – no where compares!

  1. SHAUN from ENGLAND says

    I was there in 1993, 1995 and 2006.. It’s time to return again, I think.. But it won’t be until next September, when I will be staying in Eilat -__-

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