My photos of Reykjavik published in Rolling Stone magazine! Yey!

Reykjavik article in Rolling Stone magazine

It was an ordinary Friday morning in March, like every other morning. I poured cereal into a bowl, splashed in some rice milk and turned on my laptop. At the top of my inbox I noticed an email from a woman I had never corresponded with before.

I was suspicious.

The woman claimed to work for the Germany edition of Rolling Stone magazine and announced they were doing a feature on Reykjavik, she continued by asking whether they could use a few of the photos from my blog.

Now I was very suspicious.

Ever since I was little I remember the Rolling Stone magazine stretched across shelves of bookshops and supermarkets. Admittedly, I never bought it, however, when they released their list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time I spent a long time whittling my way through it – Bob Dylan, The Smiths, Chuck Berry, The Who, Pink Floyd, Neil Young – it was a list that made getting the bus to my first part-time job somewhat bearable.

Anyway, I’m digressing.

Why would Rolling Stone magazine want to use my humble little photos?

Thousands of free photos are available for them so I felt a little perplexed as to why they wanted to use some of mine when they could use professional ones. At one point I though it might be a hoax email. It seemed more realistic to believe it was a hoax, rather than believing Rolling Stone magazine actually wanted to use one or more of my photos (I know, I know, I’m so self-deprecating, that’s why I’m writing this post to let you know I’m a published photographer :)). But really, it’s Rolling Stone magazine – why would they want to use my amateurish photographs?!

Anyway, I replied with high resolution photos and stared constantly at my inbox for days afterwards thought little of it.

A few days later I received a reply asking for my address so a copy of the magazine could be posted to me.

I was still suspicious.

A few days later it slipped through my letter box.

Only then, did I believe it was no hoax.

I wasted no time tearing open the envelop to uncover the shiny front cover. I didn’t recognise the man, Jan Delay, throwing punches on the front cover – should I? As I turned over the cover with childish anticipation I saw the photo I had taken of Reykjavik gleaming back at me in the content page.

Rolling Stone Magazine Germany edition

Bird's Eye view of Reykjavik

I whizzed through the pages of the article to see if any more of the ones I had supplied had been included, and hurrah! I spotted another panoramic shot of Reykjavik.

Article on Reykjavik in Rolling Stone Magazine

Alas, it’s a shame I can’t speak German, but I’m sure the article is a riveting read (the photo of the Blue Lagoon and Björk tells me so). If you can speak the language and happen to be in Germany now, perhaps you could let me know what you think of the article? It’s in the shops until the end of this month (April 2014).

I hope I will receive more emails like the one I received on that ordinary, Friday morning at the beginning of March. They are the kind of emails that make having a travel blog worth while, and give me an indication that I’m doing something right at least. Often, as I babble on about museums, the Arctic, or life in London, I feel as though I only have myself as a reader, and whist I enjoy whispering sweet nothings to myself, it’s also nice to know that it isn’t just my dad who reads my blog.

Hi dad.

For more information about Reykjavik and Iceland please take a look at my archive:

Have you been to Reykjavik? What do you think of it?

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