Laksa - food in Melaka

Why is the Food in Melaka so delicious?

If you love food, you’ll love Malaysia. It’s as simple as that. Malaysia is a journey for the taste buds as much as the eyes. But when talking about food in Malaysia there’s one place that deserves an extra special mention, and that’s Melaka. There’s nowhere quite like this city for tasting the true diversity…

Graffiti, street art in Reykjavik

10 Things You Really Should Do in Reykjavik

It’s often said that the best things come in small packages, and Reykjavik is a perfect example of this. For such a small city with a population of only 120,000 it’s surprisingly cosmopolitan and offers a throng of unforgettable activities to do, ranging from the adventurous to the downright strange. That’s the brilliant thing about…

Graduating from University

2013: A year of travels, graduation, moving and starting full-time work

In 2013 I finally felt liked I released my foot off the break and pressed down the accelerator. In this last year my life has veered onto a course where I graduated from uni, moved to London and started full-time work, least not forgetting my travels! You might be wondering how I managed to fit…

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