Myanmar / Burma

One of Asia’s most intriguing countries. Decades of international isolation have left this South East Asian country’s strong and colourful Buddhist culture with its ancient temples relatively untouched by outsiders. Now the country is slowly beginning to open up to tourism, you have the chance to explore this less-travelled land and unique culture.

Here, you will find inspiration and a wealth of the information and tips needed to prepare for your own trip, with blogs about transportation, currency, activities and must-see locations. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide, you might for this 2-week travel itinerary to Myanmar useful.

Places not to miss: 

  • Yangon
  • Golden Rock
  • Bagan
  • Inle Lake

Myanmar Travel Blog ↓

Biking in Bagan - using the electrical bike

A Bumpy Ride: E-biking in Bagan!

The handle bar jolts from left to right and from right to left, she skims an oncoming vehicle, and then another. She swerves in the opposite direction in a desperate plea to gain recovery but almost hits the curb. I run after her, excelling forward like my friend’s life depends on it, which is true….

Travel to Myanmar, fishermen at Inle Lake.

Myanmar – 2 week travel itinerary

Defying all expectations, Ruchi and I didn’t feel ready to leave Myanmar. Sitting in the departure lounge looking like a pair of jilted brides at the altar. Post-holiday blues had already kicked in. You know you love a place when you find yourself practically holding back the tears because you really, really, don’t want to…

Balloons over Bagan

Goodbye Yangon, Hello Bagan

We arrived in Bagan at the slightly earlier than expected time of 4.45am, after an overnight bus journey from Yangon. If I said I slept like a baby; that would be a lie. Before my feet even had chance to touch the ground, a bunch of Burmese men swamped around me shouting ‘taxi, taxi!’ as…

Yangon, Myanmar

A Prelude to Yangon, Myanmar

Horns beep non-stop. It’s the music of congestion and roads without rules. A barrage of open-top trucks chug past overflowing with people, young and old, men and women, babies and children. A lady with a basket of green leaves perches on the back of a vehicle and her legs dangle by the exhaust pipe. Motorbikes…

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