When most people think of Sweden an image of a beautiful woman with long legs and blond hair probably comes to mind, but there’s so much more to Sweden beyond this dated stereotype.

The third largest country in Western Europe, Sweden offers a wealth of things to do and see for travellers. Discover diverse landscapes and quirky hotels, chic style and outdoor adventure from the scenic region of Skane to the cool and cosmopolitan city of Stockholm.

On this blog you will find inspiration to create your own itineraries and plenty of information needed to prepare for your own trip to Sweden.

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Ystad, Skane

Ystad: The Wisteria Lane of South Sweden

You know when something is almost too perfect it starts to possess an unnerving quality? Somewhere beyond the immaculate façade upheld by the community’s collective desire to ‘keep up appearances’ lies something unimaginably dark. David Lynch describes this underbelly of perfection best when he says, “…on the cherry tree there’s this pitch oozing out –…

Colouful buildings, Copenhagen

14 Most Colourful Towns and Cities in Europe

Reykjavik Climb to the top of Hallgrímskirkja Church for epically photogenic views of Iceland’s capital city, and when you reach the top I advise you to get snapping. I wouldn’t consider myself a good photographer in any way but my photos of Reykjavik landed in the Germany edition of Rolling Stone Magazine. Now, that’s not a…

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