Easily one of the world’s most exciting and beautiful countries, Japan certainly leaves an impression on you.

A country with a thousand contrasts; no place feels or looks the same. Whether you’re exploring ancient shrines, indulging in sushi, hiking mountains and bamboo forests, or basking in the dizzying neon lights of Tokyo, one thing is for sure: you’re never short on things to do or see.

On this blog you will find inspiration and all the information you need to prepare for your own trip to Japan. Finally, if you’re visiting for the first time, you might find my 2-week travel itinerary useful.

Happy travels,

Sayōnara x

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3-day Kyoto itinerary: includes the Golden Temple

3-day Kyoto Itinerary, Japan

There’s so much to do in Kyoto, it’s hard to know where to begin. Everything looks so beautiful, and with over two-thousand temples, how do you narrow down your selection of things to see and do? I spent five days in Kyoto, but three days seems to be the most popular length of time to…

Golden Temple in Kyoto

Exploring Kyoto, Japan’s Most Beautiful City

If Tokyo is like stepping into the future with its hypermodern architecture, giant video screens and electronic district, Kyoto is like stepping back in time with its classic Zen gardens, ancient shrines and mystical geishas. I spent five nights in Kyoto staying in a ryokan which is a traditional Japanese Inn with tatami mat rooms…

Kabukicho, Tokyo

Kabukicho : The Strange World of East Shinjuku

Within east Shinjuku lies Kabukicho (named after a large Kabuki theatre which was meant to have been built in the area in the 1940’s but was never completed), Japan’s most well-known red-light district, renowned worldwide for its plethora of restaurants, bars and sex-related establishments. This is the Tokyo I’d always pictured in my mind; streets…

Tokyo neon lights

Japan: A Country of Intense Contrasts

In terms of things to see and do, I cannot think of a country that offers as much diversity as Japan.  It has a cultural dualism of zen and the zany, leaving visitors to oscillate between the two worlds, often just streets apart, without getting dizzy. I’ve never been to a country that can separate…

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