Things to do in St Lucia - Hike the Pitons

12 Fun Things to Do in St Lucia

Hike the Pitons The Pitons are to St Lucia what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. They are the most photographed landmark on the island and for good reason; rising straight out of the sea, these ancient forest-clad plugs offer a majestic backdrop across the western coast of the island. Gros Piton stands a lofty 2,619…

Laksa - food in Melaka

Why is the Food in Melaka so delicious?

If you love food, you’ll love Malaysia. It’s as simple as that. Malaysia is a journey for the taste buds as much as the eyes. But when talking about food in Malaysia there’s one place that deserves an extra special mention, and that’s Melaka. There’s nowhere quite like this city for tasting the true diversity…

View of Porto from Torre dos Clerigos

12 Fabulous Things to Do in Porto

1. Visit the World’s Most Beautiful Bookshop J.K Rowling used to visit Livraria Lello when she was living in Porto and it’s said she drew inspiration from this bookshop when she wrote about the library in Harry Potter. Tip: Everyone wants to catch a glimpse of the stunning interior, adorned with walls of carved wood,…

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