Street Art Spotting in Brussels

Street Art in Brussels

After hearing from a few friends that Brussels was not much more than a dull and boring city, my expectations before going were unsurprisingly not very high. However, low expectations can often have its perks. As the old cliché goes, ‘the only way is up’ and up indeed it went baby. I found myself wondering […]

Arctic Adventures: Camping in Svalbard! (Part 1)

Arctic, Svalbard, adventure

Today I welcome Wesley Pechler on The Culture Map. Wesley is a gay 21-year-old addicted to travelling, concerts and is usually seen stuffing himself with all things sugary. Living in Groningen, the Netherlands he’s currently doing a bachelor’s in English language & culture Ever since city tripping to Reykjavik with my mum in 2009, I […]

Russian Buildings that Look Like Gigantic Desserts

Saint Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, Russia

  I can see food in almost everything before me. A dog’s nose, juicy olive; crayons, sweeties; the sun, pancake drizzled with syrup; a poodle, candy floss. The list goes on. The worst is when the thing looks AND smells edible, like fruity smelling soaps and bath salts. That’s when I really have to restrain […]

Djúpalónssandur, Iceland – The Point of No Return

Djúpalónssandur, Iceland

Below me I can see the ocean. In front of me I can see the ocean. It’s raining and I’m standing on tufts of sodden growth that have crept up between the cracks of volcanic rock. I’m wearing a transparent plastic cape to shield me from the rain. It’s not mine but I accept the […]

Kunstkamera: Is This the Weirdest Museum in St. Petersburg?

Kuntz-Kamera St Petersburg

Museum of the Month is a series where I share my experiences of visiting unique and often strange museums from around the world. My aim is to rebuff the notion that museums are boring. Join me on my quest! It’s going to be the 1st of October tomorrow, which is in less than an hour, […]

From Russia, With Love


  This is something I wrote in my journal on the train from St. Petersburg to Moscow and typed up on my arrival home. As I write this I’m on the train from St. Petersburg to Moscow. I’m sitting the opposite way the train is going so there’s a chance I’ll get a headache after […]

Brussels: Not Boring but Open-Minded, Arty, and Cool

Bali Africa Brussels

Before I went to Brussels I asked a few friends if they wanted to go with me. None of them did. I didn’t take it personally, “It’s not you, it’s Brussels” they said. “What’s wrong with Brussels?” I replied. “It’s a bit meh” “Meh?” “Yeh, it’s just a bit boring” Another friend even labelled it […]

5 Places I Would Revisit in a Heartbeat

Sabah, Floating Villages

I travel to collect memories. I want to look back at my life, many years from now, after my body has packed in and my mind is on its own visceral way out, and hope that snapshots of my travels will be one of the few, clear experiences that I cling onto like glue. There […]