The Almighty Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon in Iceland

Glacier Lagoon in Iceland

I scramble up the hill. Small black stones and rocks are loose beneath my feet but I’ve always been nimble and give little care as to whether I trip over or not. I’m almost at the top. With each step forward my excitement grows. I’ve made it. I stand mesmerised from the top at the […]

Arctic Adventures: Svalbard Excursions (Part 2)

husky dogs in svalbard

  While my accommodation and flights to Longyearbyen were still somewhat budget friendly, my day trips were not quite so easy on my wallet: the three of them together were more expensive than my flights+stay combined. But even though they cost me an arm and a leg, excursions are definitely NOT something you want to […]

The Beautiful Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg

Church of our Savior on Spilled Blood, Russia

If there was a prize for the most photographed building in the world, which building from around the world would win it? Big Ben perhaps? The Empire State? Or maybe the Taj Mahal? I don’t actually have the answer, so if you do, let me know! I do however know what building I’ve photographed the […]

The Chocolate Museum in Brussels

Chocolate Museum in Brussels

Museum of the Month is a series where I share my experiences of visiting unique and often strange museums from around the world. My aim is to rebuff the notion that museums are boring. Join me on my quest! The advisory warning, ‘Death by chocolate’ should be attached to anyone thinking of going to Belgium. […]

Street Art Spotting in Brussels

Street Art in Brussels

After hearing from a few friends that Brussels was not much more than a dull and boring city, my expectations before going were unsurprisingly not very high. However, low expectations can often have its perks. As the old cliché goes, ‘the only way is up’ and up indeed it went baby. I found myself wondering […]

Arctic Adventures: Camping in Svalbard! (Part 1)

Arctic, Svalbard, adventure

Ever since city tripping to Reykjavik with my mum in 2009, I have wanted to go further north. While doing the Golden Circle day trip I could actually see glaciers lying between the mountain tops in the distance, and I wanted to be closer to them. But I was on strict schedule so I vowed […]

Russian Buildings that Look Like Gigantic Desserts

Saint Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, Russia

  I can see food in almost everything before me. A dog’s nose, juicy olive; crayons, sweeties; the sun, pancake drizzled with syrup; a poodle, candy floss. The list goes on. The worst is when the thing looks AND smells edible, like fruity smelling soaps and bath salts. That’s when I really have to restrain […]

Djúpalónssandur, Iceland – The Point of No Return

Djúpalónssandur, Iceland

Below me I can see the ocean. In front of me I can see the ocean. It’s raining and I’m standing on tufts of sodden growth that have crept up between the cracks of volcanic rock. I’m wearing a transparent plastic cape to shield me from the rain. It’s not mine but I accept the […]