A Prelude to Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon, Myanmar

Horns beep non-stop. It’s the music of congestion and roads without rules. A barrage of open-top trucks chug past overflowing with people, young and old, men and women, babies and children. A lady with a basket of green leaves perches on the back of a vehicle and her legs dangle by the exhaust pipe. Motorbikes […]

Hiking on a volcano – The Tongariro Alpine Crossing, New Zealand

Volcano Tongariro New Zealand

This article is contributed by Marie Pottiez, the author and illustrator behind Miles of Happiness. I’ve been exploring New Zealand solo for six months, on the road from the North Island to the South. This really is a special place, true heaven for adventure seekers. I fall for this country at first sight. Who wouldn’t? […]

2014: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Sorrisniva igloo hotel

As a new year begins, it’s a great time to put the kettle on, relax, and spend a little time reflecting on all the things we did in the last twelve months. Granted, we don’t want to remember everything we did (fortunately, as I get older all the cringe-worthy stuff gets less and less each […]

Goodbye London, Hello Southeast Asia

Greenwich Park, London

After fourteen months of living in London I’ve decided it’s time to say bon voyage. It’s a city where something new happens on every street corner yet I gave very little attention to any of it. I did exactly the opposite of what I said I would do before moving there, so if I’m not […]

Victor Noir: the ‘Sexiest’ Tomb in Père-Lachaise Cemetery

Victor Noir, tomb, grave

Describing a tomb as sexy is not something I ever thought I’d hear myself saying, and not words I thought I’d ever hear someone say to me. That ‘someone’ was Colin, a retiree with a talent for storytelling and a penchant for cigarettes who goes to the cemetery most days to exercise. I went to […]

Bjarnarhöfn Shark Museum in Iceland (Beware of the smell!)

Shark Museum in Iceland

With Christmas just around the corner let me start by wishing you all good tidings! This post is special because it marks the finale of Museum of the Month. I’ve loved all the visits I’ve taken to various museums around the world and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them too. When I began this series […]

Black Is the New White – the Beautiful Black Beaches of Iceland

Black beaches Iceland, Jokulsarlon

Ever since Coco Chanel made the Little Black Dress an essential item for the woman’s wardrobe we’ve never looked back. They say fashion goes round in circles but the LBD has never been out of fashion, it’s classic, sexy and timeless. I don’t know exactly when it happened but now everything and anything that is […]

15 Things That Instantly Make Norway Cool

Polar Bears, Svalbard

Norway is never the first place people think of for mind-blowing excitement and ultra cool adventures. But you should think again… For some time, I’ve realised that the young kids on the block think Norway is, well, a bit boring. It’s just one of those ‘nice’ places you go when you’re retired to experience beautiful […]