Street art in Salamanca, Spain

Street art in Salamanca

Salamanca was perhaps my favourite Spanish city, long before I´d ever been there. Just the name, Salamanca, those flat rat-a-tat vowels conjuring up the most Castillian of cities. The image of a city where broad-hatted conquistador-types rode through the narrow cobbled streets on high-stepping horses while Salmentinos dozed in the Moorish plazas under orange trees…

Victoria Quarter Leeds Arcade

Things to See, Do and Eat in Leeds

My hometown of Cleckheaton lies equidistant between Bradford and Leeds, but whilst Bradford was this week ranked as the worst city in the UK, Leeds on the other hand has the sort of vitality and attractions that make it one of the most interesting cities in the North. However, despite being popular among UK dwellers,…

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