Probably the world’s most beautiful country, it’s easy to fall in love with Norway with its dramatic coastline, towering waterfalls and mountain peaks.

Also famous for its Western Fjords, Northern Lights and unique nature, you’re on the right track if Mother Nature is your greatest pursuit. But Norway isn’t all waterfalls and fjords either, it’s capital city with its contemporary architecture will give you something to swoon over, or maybe you’ll prefer Bergen, famed for its historical harbour instead?

On this blog you will find inspiration and plenty of information and tips needed to prepare for your own trip to Norway.

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Colouful buildings, Copenhagen

14 Most Colourful Towns and Cities in Europe

Reykjavik Climb to the top of Hallgrímskirkja Church for epically photogenic views of Iceland’s capital city, and when you reach the top I advise you to get snapping. I wouldn’t consider myself a good photographer in any way but my photos of Reykjavik landed in the Germany edition of Rolling Stone Magazine. Now, that’s not a…

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